Quack, Quack
What a happy ending for this mother duck and ducklings. We received a call in the morning, two ducklings were alone and close to running onto a main road in Cranbourne. Saved by the animal loving lady from the take away coffee stop she put them in a box and Brooke picked them up. Later we received another call from her that mother duck and ducklings had also come down from the possum box they were nesting in. Again getting very close to the road. Sharon then went and caught the family and reunited them with the other two and took them to a safe haven at Crystal World, where they have lots of feed as well as a number of beautiful dams to live on. Problem was there was still ducklings left in the box. Brooke and Karen went and waited, but it was soon realised we had to get a very long ladder to get them out. Long term volunteer Shaun who happened to be home from the Navy for the weekend came and helped. He pulled another 3 ducklings out of the box. We then went back to Crystal World where we then got the whole family back together. Thanks to another team effort by Brooke, Nicola, Karen, Shaun and Sharon.

Our Youngest Volunteer To The Rescue
Brooke, Karen & our youngest volunteer 4 yr old Holly were called out to a rescue in Dandenong south. 4 ducklings were without a mother in the grounds of a factory. 2 ducklings were hiding halfway down roughly a 10 metre pipe, we attempted the rescue by firstly lifting the pipe up, unsuccessfully. We had to put our faith in 4 yr old holly to crawl through the pipe to encourage the ducklings to exit the pipe. As she got near the end the ducklings managed to sneak around her & back up the pipe. We ended up using a forklift to raise the pipe at one end and with a lot of persuasion we managed to coax the ducklings out. Another successful rescue.

Quacked Beak
This poor boy is off to the vet today, after being found on a local dam with his beak cracked. He is feeding and drinking well. Hopefully the marvelous vet Shane from Karingal Vets can help him. Shane does an miracle fix on cracked turtle shells, so we are hoping for the same outcome with Quaked.

January 23rd- All stitched up and no longer cracked, fixed by the amazing vet Shane Simpson from Karingal Vet., Frankston, Victoria. He looks like a happy chappy again with his new look for the next month.

Baby Galahs Left By Tree Loppers Outside The Melbourne Zoo
These three stooges were left for dead outside of the Melbourne Zoo by tree loppers. Not only did they leave them OUTSIDE THE ZOO but they had also turned the log upside down!

Australian Animal Rescue went and re-moved the babies from the log, then brought them back to the sanctuary, to be hand raised. At first they were very timid and scared, never seeing humans before, there world they had know was distrubted by simply the sound of a chainsaw.

It took a few days for them to adjust to the whole concept of being fed a different way. But they soon got used to all the fuss. A you can see below, grown up.

Why would you want to Crush Me?
At certain times of the year long-necks often wander in search of new homes. This frequently brings them in contact with roads and fatalities and injuries from motor vehicles are common. As long as there are no severe internal injuries, a cracked or broken shell may be repaired with artificial materials such as fibreglass before the animal is released back into the wild. The wonderful Reptile Doc-tor Shane Simpson, is amazing at repairing theses broken shells.
This turtle was found on the road in Lang Lang, and bought to us by a member of the public. She has recovered well and was able to be released back in to the wild mid Spring.The female lays between 4-20 hard-shelled eggs during spring and early summer in an excavation in the bank of a swamp or stream. The young tortoises usually hatch after an incubation time ranging from three to eight months. Some females may produce two or three clutches in one season.

Slippery Possum

We picked up this baby brushtail possum from the Woofpurnay Vet Clinic in Narre Warren North. For a possum he looked very strange and was very smelly! When I rubbed my hand down his back, my hand was covered in an oily and dirty film. Smelling him, I realised it was some sort of motor oil. After 3 washes with dishwashing liquid the oil finally started to come off him. For about a week he had a film over his eyes and we were not sure if this would affect his sight long term. With regular drops to his eyes, Oily made a full recovery and was finally able to be released.

An Echidna Takes A Tumble

Australian Animal Rescue received a call one Saturday night, after an echidna was clipped while crossing Browns Rd in Cranbourne South.

With only some slight bleeding she was taken to the Woofpurnay Vet Clinic for an x-ray to make sure there were no fractures to any part of that important nose. The x-ray results showed no further damage which was good news.

Two days later after a good feed and some rest and relaxation at the sanctuary, we released her back to the same spot she was found, only further away from the road to re-unite with her family.

Botanic Ridge People In The Park Day

Katie Koala made an appearance for us. She likes to attend most of our events, she is a big attraction for all kids big and small.

Goat Cruelty - "Atrocious"
Jessie the goat was dumped from a car and thrown into a ditch on Thompson Rd, Cranbourne by a cruel and heartless man on a 38 degree day and left to die.
Jessie's cruel fate was seen by a passing motorist, Jason, who thankfully quickly did a u-turn to see if the animal was still alive. She was indeed but very limp and barely able to keep her eyes open, Jason immediately contacted us at Australian Animal Rescue and bought the very sick goat to us.
Sharon, along with the help of volunteer Josh got to work on her, immediately administering IV fluids and a Vitamin B injection as well as a good dose of antibiotics. Jessie's condition was serious as she was emaciated, dehydrated and unable to hold her head up. It took 5 days for Jessie to be able to walk 3 metres without collapsing.
Barrie Tapp of 1800 Animal Cruelty has contacted Sergeant Gavin Buchan from Cranbourne Police station to report the act of cruelty as well as all the local papers in hope of getting some answers.
After 3 weeks and lots of treatment and care by Sharon and the wonderful volunteers, Jessie was running around and doing a great job of pruning the rose bushes. Jessie has moved on to live at Clunes Victoria and is one very happy and spoilt girl.